Insurgency Server Tracking Updates

Insurgency Server Tracking Updates

Published by on Sun 14 Feb 2021
Insurgency Insurgency: Sandstorm

The team at has been busy at work developing score tracking updates for Insurgency (2014) and Insurgency Sandstorm (2018).

Our game score tracking system for these two games is no longer in beta mode.

Check out our list of Insurgency servers and list of Insurgency Sandstorm servers to see the game servers we are tracking! We have added some of favourite servers, including many that are not tracked by other websites.

Visit our Add Server page to add your Insurgency or Insurgency: Sandstorm server now!

Note: Insurgency servers typically use the same join/query port (27015), whereas Insurgency: Sandstorm servers usually have a different query port (join port + 1).

Over the coming weeks, our team will be updating the trackers for all games, enabling us to provide a more reliable service. Please reach out and contact us if you come across any issues.


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