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Rustafied.com - EU Odd Jr.


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Current map: Procedural Map

Game: Rust
#1 Rust Ranking
100th percentile
#1 FR RUST Server Ranking
#1 of 11 Rust servers in France
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3 months ago
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Name Total Score Total Time Played
José Afonso 0 1d 14h 24m
bisli 0 1d 13h 16m
ZABELETA 0 1d 13h 2m
Kurwaaa 0 1d 10h 12m
☭ Yan 0 1d 8h 5m
LTGLI_Odze 0 1d 6h 54m
HUSSIN-RP 0 1d 6h 50m
0 1d 6h 49m
TiReNo 0 1d 6h 42m
Papa 0 1d 5h 42m