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Name Total Score Total Time Played
^#A9A9A9;Sam^reset; 0 11h 45m
^cyan;Spectra 0 11h 34m
Mir 0 9h 21m
Belle 0 8h 5m
^#761E40;C^reset;^#6D1D47;3^reset;^#621E4E;-^reset;^#571E56;B^reset;^#4E1F5E;4^reset;^#441F66;/^reset;^#391F6E;Y^reset; 0 8h 2m
^#b81406;Yaretzi^reset; 0 4h 29m
^cyan;Mae^reset; 0 4h 9m
Tira 0 3h 46m
Free Radical 0 3h 46m
^red;Seru^reset; 0 3h 39m