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Game: Minecraft
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88th percentile
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#4 of 26 Minecraft servers in United States
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Arenzale 0 9d 6h 33m
awesomeman2246 0 7d 1h 2m
_xsunflowerx_ 0 3d 2h 13m
Sannarc 0 2d 22h 31m
WinnieTheP0oh 0 2d 17h 32m
SonicRainboom07 0 2d 2h 1m
IxHxUxNxTxZ 0 1d 12h 9m
Mitochondria111 0 1d 6h 13m
pasta4lavista 0 1d 3h 59m
Kitty_Azami 0 1d 3h 43m