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DAYZRUN Chernarus Epoch 1.0.7 [FPS+|Loot+|Quests|Events|PvPvE|N


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Current map: Chernarus

Game: Arma 2
#20 Arma 2 Ranking
70th percentile
#8 RU ARMA2 Server Ranking
#8 of 12 Arma 2 servers in Russia
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Lee 36 N/A 03:43:23
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dron1818 3,934 19d 8h 22m
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NUBIK 1,498 3d 10h 41m
starik 1,387 2d 7h 33m
Legion56 979 1d 14h 15m
Incvizitor 970 1d 8h 58m
Den 963 1d 16h 47m
Sasha 907 1d 21h 27m