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Game: Battlefield 3
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#1 of 50 Battlefield 3 servers in United States
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MadKoreanFPS 2096648 2d 13h 14m
IHOP_RTFnF 1723607 6d 15h 28m
YyaMmieDdie 1644344 3d 3h 59m
QW12443030 1607182 4d 18h 18m
ronexe19 1600396 5d 18h 0m
PKEE_FN_Blindaz 1586860 4d 0h 39m
barakehud 1128656 2d 14h 41m
St-Bryce 1128021 4d 7h 40m
OkkeDokee 1085868 2d 11h 57m
Elyanky4k 1031262 2d 17h 57m