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Current map: district

Game: Insurgency
#6 Insurgency Ranking
93rd percentile
#4 RU INSURGENCY Server Ranking
#4 of 15 Insurgency servers in Russia
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4 months ago
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Antiwars 420 N/A > 24 hours
asd 160 N/A > 24 hours
Arctos 110 N/A > 24 hours
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Name Total Score Total Time Played
ungfell 267,020 6d 19h 6m
HEAD 205,820 6d 4h 10m
HEGEMON 166,850 5d 8h 56m
ike chukwu 166,100 3d 1h 11m
vel.mein 163,910 5d 10h 19m
DUALIST 161,290 5d 8h 47m
korshun 142,150 2d 14h 21m
Kirass 141,360 5d 20h 15m
ws tm Ken 130,490 4d 8h 20m
-=V1meR=- 111,190 4d 5h 21m