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[RU-EN] International Gaming League - PVP48 | NEW GUNS NEW MAPS


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Game: Insurgency
#2 Insurgency Ranking
99th percentile
#1 RU INSURGENCY Server Ranking
#1 of 15 Insurgency servers in Russia
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Name Total Score Total Time Played
Pro4en 178,310 7d 22h 49m
「M〤」Alice Liddell 172,030 7d 22h 27m
Повар 134,840 5d 1h 43m
WooDu 134,640 3d 23h 54m
SALBERG 114,250 4d 18h 55m
@)(otnik 108,620 2d 9h 52m
Hyena 104,670 3d 22h 9m
--idk 98,500 3d 0h 48m
Hitmanhussanina 87,270 3d 3h 46m
Arti 86,950 4d 11h 1m