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Dayz Epoch 92 (|Auction|Garage|Custom mission|Sector


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Current map: Chernarus

Game: Arma 2
#11 Arma 2 Ranking
84th percentile
#4 FR ARMA2 Server Ranking
#4 of 8 Arma 2 servers in France
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25 minutes ago
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ExploreR 14 N/A 00:25:45
RobiNGuD 3 N/A 01:32:40
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Name Total Score Total Time Played
DJEK 11,174 23d 1h 10m
valera 6,409 16d 19h 18m
Aleksey 5,762 11d 14h 53m
ExploreR 3,834 8d 22h 44m
KOLOBANGA333 3,210 11d 2h 43m
RobiNGuD 3,127 8d 6h 37m
GROM 2,621 5d 7h 44m
whitecorsar 2,583 6d 20h 36m
Bart1 2,494 10d 18h 9m
DoctorA [SPGM] 2,490 5d 12h 39m