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Game: Garry's Mod
#2 Garry's Mod Ranking
100th percentile
#2 US GMOD Server Ranking
#2 of 838 Garry's Mod servers in United States
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Name Total Score Total Time Played
Ruz 6,182 4d 5h 30m
Legitmarshmelo 3,137 1d 12h 34m
Mythic 2,163 2d 20h 29m
recon 1,678 2d 14h 23m
Cappie 1,525 2d 22h 39m
Blood Stream 1,488 2d 3h 52m
[GL] ToasterBath 1,448 4d 1h 2m
[GL]Soda418 1,352 2d 4h 55m
CHEESELORD 1,311 2d 1h 54m
Oxteru 1,201 1d 21h 19m