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NA-PVE-Official-TheCenter86 - (v310.112)


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Current map: TheCenter

Game: ARK: Survival Evolved
#1 ARK: Survival Evolved Ranking
100th percentile
#1 US ARKSE Server Ranking
#1 of 50 ARK: Survival Evolved servers in United States
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3 months ago
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123 0 22d 0h 49m
cj00tse 0 9d 12h 27m
jallison6969 0 8d 17h 12m
Tusk 0 8d 4h 27m
Gunner-ROF 0 6d 18h 21m
kennji 0 6d 12h 48m
Lethnion 0 6d 9h 24m
expeditersinc 0 6d 3h 0m
aragon77712 0 5d 16h 27m
calafina 0 5d 9h 42m