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Current map: mp_falaisevilla

Game: Call of Duty: United Offensive
#17 Call of Duty: United Offensive Ranking
70th percentile
#8 DE CODUO Server Ranking
#8 of 23 Call of Duty: United Offensive servers in Germany
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Name Total Score Total Time Played
[^2OV^130^7]^4F^7-^4K^5MacManus 157 3h 52m
[^2OV^130^7]Leon 106 3h 52m
[^2OV^130^7]^1T^7o^1n^7y 91 3h 22m
^7[^2OV^130^7]Zew^1@^7Fuzzy 70 2h 4m
[^2OV^130^7]^1P^7ri^1w^7i 69 3h 52m
^4Ph^1an^6ta^3s^2y 53 1h 9m
[^2OV^130^7]^1Sch^7na^1ll^7ie 52 1h 26m
^1T^7omb^1R^7aider 37 1h 13m
^4|^7FTG^4| ^4Mi^7st^4Bie^7ne 35 2h 1m
^1night^1rai^3der 31 2h 2m