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^5(E^7F^5S)^7Caren^5tan ^7T^5DM


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Current map: mp_carentan

Game: Call of Duty: United Offensive
#9 Call of Duty: United Offensive Ranking
85th percentile
#4 DE CODUO Server Ranking
#4 of 23 Call of Duty: United Offensive servers in Germany
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Name Total Score Total Time Played
K 4,891 11d 14h 21m
<Dimi> 4,841 11d 8h 1m
Dan Everon 2,395 4d 14h 58m
Upiter 1,945 2d 16h 40m
44^1TR. 1,581 23h 16m
^7Ghost ^1Fighter 1,438 16h 36m
Seppelfricke 1,420 1d 14h 42m
saph 1,417 2d 6h 33m
kupusz G^7* - 270 1,338 1d 17h 14m
Dimon 1,269 17h 38m