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[HAS] Infernal_Playground|EU|PvE Napf|Militarised|Overpoch|JSRS


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Current map: Napf

Game: Arma 2
#13 Arma 2 Ranking
81st percentile
#1 FI ARMA2 Server Ranking
#1 of 1 Arma 2 server in Finland
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3 months ago
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warcat 10,327 22h 26m
Liya 5,334 10d 13h 24m
Serega 4,491 8d 15h 28m
=AGF= Austriapsycho 4,469 7d 14h 7m
Mutze23 4,122 10d 9h 47m
Das Boots 3,554 1d 20h 56m
Dim Mak 2,632 4d 0h 0m
Daniel 2,183 3d 17h 31m
king of kings 1,942 2d 9h 36m
Domino 1,828 3d 22h 2m