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Game Rank Server Players IP Address Map Location
Rust Icon 3rd - AU Long
105/200 Procedural Map AU
Space Engineers Icon 5th Aura Server
0/20 Terra AU
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Icon 5th AK|ZOMBIES IS BACK!
50/64 mp_fnrp_quake3_arena AU
Insurgency: Sandstorm Icon 6th AUSSIE GAMERS - Co-Op 3. ISMC Armory + Stock Maps Only
8/16 Farmhouse AU
Starbound Icon 7th Unknown name - IP:, port: 21095
0/0 AU
Insurgency: Sandstorm Icon 7th AUSSIE GAMERS - Co-Op 4. ISMC Armory + Mixed MAPS
3/16 Strike_at_Karkand AU
Conan Exiles Icon 9th Unknown name - IP:, port: 27037
0/0 AU
ARK: Survival Evolved Icon 10th S11 EliteArk 25x 7m OCE [RAG] - (v678.46)
10/100 Ragnarok AU
Rust Icon 12th - AU Medium
120/200 Procedural Map AU
Insurgency: Sandstorm Icon 17th [REDeye] 1st Rifles Battalion. Checkpoint. #1 XP
0/10 Buhriz AU
Battlefield 3 Icon 20th Noobs Gaming (No Jet Killing, But Dogfighting OK) 8)~
8/32 MP_Subway AU
Space Engineers Icon 20th SGC Oxygen Not Included
0/16 SGC Space 02-2020 AU
Insurgency: Sandstorm Icon 22nd AUSSIE GAMERS - Co-Op 2. ISMC Armory (CQC) + Custom Maps
0/16 station AU
Insurgency: Sandstorm Icon 23rd FRONTIER Official (OCE) | Co-Op & PvEP
0/12 Canyon AU
0/12 sinjar_coop AU
Insurgency: Sandstorm Icon 26th [AUS].EXTREME GAMING #EIGHT - ISMC MOD + MAPS
0/10 Meddle AU
Arma 3 Icon 30th | Invade & Annex
54/80 Altis AU
Counter Strike: Global Offensive Icon 36th Unknown Server Name cs
1/0 AU
Call of Duty: United Offensive Icon 39th ^1Yallara ^7| Public Vote
0/32 mp_uo_depot AU
Insurgency Icon 44th [AU] Sentral.Network (Srv1)
0/6 sinjar_coop AU
Insurgency: Sandstorm Icon 46th AUSSIE GAMERS - PVP 5. New - Domination
0/12 Panzerschlacht AU
Conan Exiles Icon 50th Unknown name - IP:, port: 7797
0/0 AU
Rust Icon 51st |AU Main|
9/44 Procedural Map AU
Conan Exiles Icon 52nd Unknown name - IP:, port: 3110
0/0 AU
Battlefield 1942 Icon 57th G3TSOME DC
0/20 el alamein AU