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Game Rank Server Players IP Address Map Location
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Icon 5th Unknown name - IP:, port: 27015
0/0 US
Call of Duty: United Offensive Icon 5th ^6{RA}^5The Real One
0/32 mp_cassino US
Call of Duty: World at War Icon 5th Unknown name - IP:, port: 28960
0/0 FR
Dark And Light Icon 5th Unknown name - IP:, port: 9000
0/0 CN
Unturned Icon 5th TRP #1 | ТайреллРП
11/24 TRPmap RU
Counter Strike: Global Offensive Icon 5th SurfHeaven #1 Very Easy [Tier 1] !ws !knife !gloves
19/50 surf_legends SE
Call of Duty Icon 5th Night Cup |PUBLIC| AW ALL MAPS
0/20 mp_railyard DE
Conan Exiles Icon 5th Unknown name - IP:, port: 7777
0/0 US
Counter Strike: 1.6 Icon 5th EXPERT-GAME.RU [7SK MSK 21+] 2015
28/32 de_dust2 RU
Garry's Mod Icon 5th ▌ ImperialRP ▌ No Training!
40/100 rp_stardestroyer_v2_5_inf US
Half Life Icon 5th [TR] CSDuragi HaLf-Life Server 3 [ GLOBAL ]
5/32 crossfire TR
Half Life 2 Icon 5th Fusionhead Jazz Club: HL2DM Hi-Kill/Lo-Grav Fast-DL Rated PG13
14/20 dm_resident_extreme US
Left 4 Dead 2 Icon 5th ZOZO.GG | BLOOD FACTORY #6 (GER)
4/21 c2m4_barns DE
Minecraft Icon 5th §e�§c‚§eƒ§c„§e…§c†§e‡§cˆ§eã §e§l» §a§lKenig Craft §e§l¼ §eâ§cˆ§e‡§c†§e…§c„§eƒ§c‚§e� §e---=== §a| §2Survival §a| §2Jobs §a| §2Guns §a| §2NoDupe §a| §2TreeAssist §a| §e===---
13/500 DE
Quake 2 Icon 5th Pelitutka AQ2 1
0/16 sludge1 FI
Quake 3 Icon 5th ^o^0^3! ^s^o^0^4Freon ^s^o^0^3!
9/56 octagon NL
Quake Live Icon 5th Unknown name - IP:, port: 27961
0/0 DE
Rust Icon 5th CombatTag's PvP Server | Europe
59/150 ctgames_v1.7.35 FR
Space Engineers Icon 5th OWT
0/8 OWT PL
Team Fortress 2 Icon 5th | PAYLOAD+ | US █████
32/32 pl_upward DE
Starbound Icon 5th Voyager RP
3/42 CelestialWorld:357718871:-702081803:-182615290:11 US
Insurgency: Sandstorm Icon 5th 陈阳小草[萌新PVP]周末赛Q群811835228[TDM&PUSH&Dom]
15/32 Mountain CN
Insurgency Icon 5th [RU-EN] International Gaming League | NEW GUNS |
0/32 buhriz_night RU
Battlefield 3 Icon 5th [ELTD] EliTE DangerouS
5/50 MP_017 BR
Arma 3 Icon 5th CodeFourGaming - King Of The Hill Infantry EU #5 -24/7 Day
23/100 Altis DE