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UGC.LT | Assault (24/7)


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Current map: cs_1338_assault

Game: Counter Strike: 1.6
#541 Counter Strike: 1.6 Ranking
0th percentile
#3 GB CS16 Server Ranking
#3 of 3 Counter Strike: 1.6 servers in United Kingdom
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2 years ago
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5sD 2,036,427,856 0h 0m
[iBot]* B@KU[PL]StOnEd! 1,421 1d 18h 51m
PSYCHO TURK 1,010 1d 8h 23m
RIPER### 806 9h 15m
fahd 733 23h 11m
Xp33 648 1d 3h 30m
[iBot* KOSA[PL] 644 1d 8h 29m
Kasmir will be pakistan 520 8h 25m
[SY] - SPIRIT 505 14h 21m
Flying RoOkie 499 8h 48m